Handover App


Everything we do is driven by the information we have. And having better access to information allows us to make better decisions, provide better service, and plan further into the future.

This crew support app has been a game changer for LNER, providing a simple and effective way for front-line staff to manage journey information, menu types, targets, and stock deliveries, as well as any additional notes left by the previous crew.

This app streamlines the process of gathering information and collating data, making it easier for staff to report service level information, food incidents, and other important details. All of this information existed within the business before the Handover App, but it was scattered across phone calls, emails, paper processes, and apps. Bringing it all together in one place has made a huge difference in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The Handover App has been created in-house at LNER, Allowing the team to learn more about UX design, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and Office 365 in general. The app has been developed in close collaboration with front-line staff, ensuring that it meets their needs and requirements.

One of the key challenges of implementing new technology in the industry is getting the support of the front-line staff, but the because of our crew centred approach, the Handover App has succeeded in bridging this gap and improving the relationship between staff and technology.

In summary, the Handover App is an outstanding candidate for the “Best Use of Onboard Technology” award. Its ability to make front-line staff’s jobs easier, its streamlined approach to information gathering, and its innovative design and development make it a true game changer for LNER.

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