Hop on Board golden ale


Look, feel and function

The look of Hop on Board has undergone several updates to keep it on brand and relevant. This launched when LNER was operating as Virgin Trains East Coast brand and was launched with a design competition for budding designers to design the label for the bottle (before it moved to a can format). The tweets in the pictures show the design journey.

The feel has always been to embody a UK classic golden ale brewed exclusively for the east coast mainline, made near LNERs Head Office in York, this has become a cult classic with many customers enjoying the play on words of the name and of course, the taste.

The function of the product is to offer a refreshing drink on the menus for those who want a beer with more body than a lager offers.

Improves Passenger Experience

It improves passenger experience as it makes many smile, engage with social media and sit back and relax with a local ale. It personifies what LNER offers – a great train experience with high quality products, proudly sourced locally. We sell an average of 44,000 440ml cans annually and giveaway around 66,000 330ml cans in First Class, which shows demand for this beer.

Best in Class

Hop on Board is a fresh, full-bodied golden bitter, rounded and well balanced on the palate with a fruity aroma. When covid struck and we had to remove all food and drink from our trains for a few months this was the product which received the most attention with customers getting in touch trying to buy cases directly from us and from Rudgate Brewery! (together, we obliged!)

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