Intelligent Truck


The Intelligent Truck system consists of 7 cameras providing a 360° surround view of the catering truck exterior, and upward-facing wingtip cameras to avoid wingtip collisions. The camera images are displayed on a 10” screen inside of the truck cab.

Utilising a series of switches to toggle through multiple Intelligent Truck camera views at different phases of aircraft approach and back off, a single driver is able to safely cater an aircraft without the use of a guide.

LSG’s Intelligent Trucks, numbering over 600, have not hit a single aircraft throughout 3 years of nonstop usage and millions of approaches across multiple cities, enabling passengers to enjoy LSG onboard products delivered safely and on-time.

With a robust training and compliance program and customer involvement at all stages of deployment, LSG is the first major airline catering company to install a 360° camera system on all catering trucks to enable a single driver to cater aircraft.

The Intelligent Truck system enables our catering operations to continue to operate safely through a variety of disrupting events, ranging from global labor shortages down to a local ramp restart after a severe weather stoppage.

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