Brioche Sausage Roll


Tasty, clean and satisfying, our twist on a hot-snack classic is tough to beat. Delicately seasoned pork sausage meat, encased in a golden, soft and slightly sweet brioche, it gives passengers the chance to enjoy a hot snack favourite, completely mess free.

Sweet notes within the brioche dough make this product an ideal hot breakfast option that can double up as a hot snack or light lunch. As you’d expect with our products, it’s packaged in ovenable, bio-degradable board, which retains its integrity throughout heating and is individually hygienically sealed for passenger and crew reassurance.

The versatile Brioche Sausage Roll allows passengers to indulge in a popular hot breakfast/light lunch or snack, without the mess. A great option for a multitude of travellers from business professionals wanting to stay clean to children who love sausage rolls but their parents worry about the inevitable mess. Our delicious brioche sausage roll offers a superior overall eating experience and modernises the traditional recipe to create a contemporary sweet-savoury twist.

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Monty’s Bakehouse