Hot or Nots?


Building on our lattice expertise, we have developed a next generation lattice which is enjoyed hot or cold in equal measure. This unique cheese and herb infused pastry, creates a distinct flavour and texture which is expertly balanced with a succulent chicken and spring onion filling.

With no preparation time required, this product is perfect for short flights where time is limited. As a satisfying alternative to a traditional cold eat sandwich or wrap, this solution offers passengers something tempting beyond the standard bread-based options. An ideal choice for airlines and crew looking for low-touch solutions which can be served chilled or hot, this low-crumb pastry is also versatile, with breakfast, lunch and snack appetites covered.

Originally developed as a low-handling option in response to Covid, this product minimises wastage by enabling airlines to fly one product which can be offered hot or cold. As standard with our products, it’s packaged in ovenable, bio-degradable board, which retains its integrity throughout heating and is individually hygienically sealed for passenger and crew reassurance.

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