Ham & Cheese Gourmet Waffle (Monty's Bakehouse)


Indulge in the ultimate savoury treat with our gourmet twist on a ham and cheese waffle. A velvety cheese and continental-style ham centre is encased in a perfectly crisp and golden waffle, creating the perfect blend of flavours and textures for hot snack occasions throughout the day.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond taste. Attractively packaged in ovenable, bio-degradable board, which retains its integrity throughout heating and is individually hygienically sealed, our convenient snack is clean, sustainable, compact and satisfying.

Our sweet gourmet waffle is currently flying with Air Canada and more!

With a wealth of experience in aviation catering and beyond, our culinary experts are committed to crafting intelligent food solutions that not only taste exceptional but also prioritise sustainability. Monty’s Bakehouse is dedicated to addressing the real challenges faced by airlines, ensuring that every bite reflects our passion for quality, innovation, and a commitment to the environment.In developing our Ham and Cheese Gourmet Waffle, the team wanted to create an exciting savoury hot snack to work for multiple food occasions, from breakfast to evening supper.

Crafted by award-winning chefs, our premium hot snacks are developed to satisfy and delight your customers. We’ve fused global recipes with innovation to create satisfying, mess-free solutions that are available worldwide. Committed to sustainability, our snacks are plastic-free, presented in premium, biodegradable paper-based packaging. Compact and effortlessly prepared, they offer an elevated and eco-friendly culinary experience for your customers.

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