Nil Desperandum 'Special' Rum 50ml Spout Pouch


Weighing less than 5 grams, the Nil Desperandum ‘Special’ Rum 50ml Spout Pouch is approximately 95gms lighter than glass alternates** and very space efficient when full. Once empty, the pouch is paper thin – making storage and disposal easy and efficient.

In a 12 month period 34,268 pouches have been supplied and purchased by passengers using the Fly Bonza App saving a whopping 3,255.5 kg of weight ** and commensurate saving in fuel burn.

The pouch delights consumers with its innovation, functionality and tactile qualities.

The on-package brand is significantly larger than other packaging formats and allows increased opportunities to enhance the customer experience – including the cheeky ‘Easter Egg’ printed message ‘RUM-ARKABLE DECISION’ hidden from normal view on the bottom surface of each pouch.

The pouches were designed and manufactured to be compliant with and recycled through RedCycle, an Australian nation-wide soft plastics recycling program.

Each pouch contains super-premium barrel aged Nil Desperandum ‘Special’ Rum. The rum is 100% pure and unadulterated with no additives, added sugar, sweeteners, caramel, glycerine, flavours, colours or chemicals.

Nil Desperandum Rum is Australia’s only Certified Organic Rum.

Molasses from sugar cane, organically grown on Queensland’s rich, fertile volcanic plains, is naturally wild fermented, pot distilled and barrel aged for a minimum of 2 years rum in American bourbon barrels emptied of sherry and port.

Two short years from the launch of the brand, Nil Desperandum Rum is the most awarded Australian Rum Brand* having collected 47 medals and trophies in prestigious competitions.


* Australian Distilled Spirit Awards 2023, Australian Rum Awards 2023, Australian International Rum Awards 2023, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022, Australian Rum Awards 2022, Tasting Australia Awards 2022

** compared to glass 50ml miniature bottle (Saverglass Oslo 5cl 2843 with screw cap)

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