Oman Air Sustainability Programme


Oman Air has committed to and invested in the upgrading of environment awareness as part of its guest travel experience. As with many other airlines, it has made a series of small step upgrades, and is adopting best practice methodology in product procurement. Product selections are narrowed to businesses focused on sustainable approaches and a range of products that meet the ‘go green’ aspirations.

In addition, Oman Air is working efficiently to take away onboard single use plastics used in packaging of items such as duvets, mattresses, ear pods, cutlery sleeves, stirrers, plastic tumblers, plastic sandwich warps and replacing items with rotable and reusable products as well as biodegradable/ sustainable products made from paper box and craft materials. 

The airline is initiating paperless concepts by adopting digital approaches where possible such as for the Economy and Business Class menus and wine lists.

Meanwhile, Oman Air’s continual efforts to minimise its environmental impact is demonstrated through a range of initiatives that underscore its dedication to promote sustainable aviation practices.

Oman Air is striving to enhance guest experience by constantly enhancing and development of onboard product designs. The strong team of guest experience, service design and product designs are the main elements for the success of any product introduction. The highly talented experts constantly research and develop the offer to bring the best Omani hospitality onboard through unique product designs. We believe in expanding creativity and allowing external Omani talent get involved.

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