OneWeb - Space Based Low Earth Orbit Inflight Connectivity


OneWeb is building a satellite communications network in space that will deliver seamless and uninterrupted inflight connectivity globally.

With globally consistent performance comparable to terrestrial services, delivering hundreds of Mbps per aircraft and latency of less than 100ms – over every continent, every ocean and even in the polar regions, OneWeb is transforming the airborne connectivity experience now and for the future. We’ll enable airlines to offer their passengers an inflight connectivity experience that is limited only by their imagination – not bandwidth.

As of March 2023, we already have nearly 90% of our operational fleet of 648 high-tech, high-performance satellites in low Earth orbit. We are just 2 launches from completing the constellation. These launches are schedule to take place in March 2023 and we expect to have global coverage by mid-2023 and remain on mission to deliver aviation services in 2023.

To support the complex and evolving connectivity needs of the aviation sector, flexible thinking and innovation must come together. To this end, OneWeb is committed to developing and deploying best-in-class technologies and strong partnerships to deliver the speed, flexibility and reliability the aero sector demands.

This strategic direction, a key differentiator for OneWeb, will result in the creation of a true connectivity ecosystem. By leveraging multi-orbit technologies, the needs of all aviation stakeholders can finally be addressed. OneWeb’s roster of trusted and established distribution partners can offer aviation customers choice, in addition to more robust and global technical support networks.

We are working with technology partners such as Ball Aerospace and Stellar Blu to develop aviation user terminals that are smaller, sleeker and lighter that traditional GEO terminals. These terminals have significant advantages:

  • With no moving parts these Electronically Steered Array (ESA) terminals are far more reliable than the traditionally mechanically steered GEO antenna
  • The lighter and sleeker design delivers significant weight and drag advantages reducing fuel burn and delivering environmental benefits and cost savings.
  • The reduced footprint of the antenna now means that smaller regional aircraft can connect to the OneWeb network and offer passengers a ‘home equivalent’ connected experience for the firs time
  • Finally, we’re working on antenna that will have the capability of connecting with both LEO and GEO satellites. The ability to integrate with existing GEO constellations will provide operators with flexibility and peace of mind as the new LEO capabilities of the OneWeb network are deployed and proven.

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