Multi-Orbit Connectivity from Panasonic Avionics


Panasonic Avionics provides 70+ global airlines with industry-leading in-flight connectivity that mirrors on-ground experiences, delivered through a multi-orbit network of low earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary equatorial orbit (GEO) satellites.

The addition of LEO boosts the GEO network, enabling high-speed, high-bandwidth satellites that deliver a seamless, uninterrupted in-flight experience with cutting-edge technology, redundancy and flexibility.

Panasonic’s multi-orbit solution offers flexibility, and the low-latency benefits of LEO (less than 100 milliseconds) that enable new experiences incl. seamless support for enterprise applications, live gaming, video conferencing and VoIP comms.

Panasonic leases, not owns, satellites—ensuring flexibility, performance and optimal prices. This avoids launch and technology risks, guaranteeing uninterrupted in-flight connectivity for passengers over 99.8% of global air routes.

Panasonic is committed to revolutionising in-flight engagement, with connectivity integral to that. With multi-orbit connectivity, it is taking an approach that can meet the evolving needs of airlines and their passengers now and in the future.

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