Astrova by Panasonic Avionics


Astrova by Panasonic Avionics is our next generation inflight entertainment (IFE) seat-end system. Astrova leverages the latest, cutting-edge consumer electronics and avionics technology to redefine the entertainment experience passengers will have when flying for business and pleasure. It also provides airlines with a unique customer engagement channel where they can foster higher levels of passenger loyalty and improve their NPS scores by tailoring their inflight entertainment experience based on passenger preferences, opt-in personalization services, eCommerce and retail therapy, a 4K moving map platform, and much more.

Most importantly, Astrova is designed to evolve with technology changes on the ground. With Astrova long gone are the days where you sit down and look at a standard definition 4:3 screen. Today, you’ll be able to enjoy HDR10 content on a best-in-class OLED display.

Best of all, Astrova is backed by an all-new solution that allows airlines to change and modify passenger facing technology with easy and fast on-wing upgrades and replacements.

Designed with modularity, scalability, and flexibility in mind, Astrova addresses the needs of modern airlines operating in today’s fast-changing market. Key hardware and software components can evolve over time to meet changing market requirements and satisfy ever-increasing passenger expectations. An OLED display provides unmatched picture quality that draws passengers into the airline’s brand experience and provides them with the best possible visual performance of any inflight entertainment system on the market today.

But Astrova is more more than just entertainment. It’s also a platform that provides a maximum return on investment for airlines. For example, removable peripheral bar gives airlines the ability to easily add, upgrade or remove features such as USB power, Bluetooth audio, and other options as new technologies and enhancements are introduced.

The passenger experience really starts with the touchscreen display. An OLED picture, which is greater than 85% of the monitor, is immediately recognizable because of its superior picture quality, contrast ratio and colour accuracy, which immediately gets a passenger’s attention. That infinite contrast ratio with “perfect blacks” and bright colours will result in better passenger engagement and that is what airlines are looking for to stand out from their competitors. We are confident that airlines will love it and so will their passengers.

The monitor itself is 7 mm thick with a superior industrial design that maximizes passenger living space. For example, gone are the days of having a box under the seat in front of you. With Astrova, you’ll be able to stretch out and enjoy your flight.

On board Astrova-equipped aircraft, every passenger will immerse themselves in cinema-grade 4K OLED screens with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the absolute best possible picture quality today. Passengers will also enjoy high fidelity audio through traditional wired connections or via Panasonic Avionics’ award-winning Bluetooth technology. By seamlessly interfacing their personal devices to the IFE system, passengers can create a multi-screen, multi-purpose environment which they are accustomed to at home. As an industry first, the IFE will provide dedicated 67 W of USB-C power to fast-charge all passenger devices – even more than one at a time – including notebooks and laptops.

To help airlines meet their sustainability goals, Astrova offers significant weight savings compared to other seat-end architectures, which assists airlines in reducing fuel burn to help meet the airline industry’s climate goals. The IFE is also easily scalable and upgradable, limiting the waste produced though future upgrades.

In summary, what separates Astrova from other solutions comes down to five main points:

Unmatched Picture Quality: A premium home theater experience from 4K OLED display technology and High Dynamic Range for superior color level and unequaled contrast ratio that achieves perfect black.  Best solution for content from the leading studios such as Paramount, Disney and others

Power when you need it: Go from 0 to 50 percent battery life in around 30 minutes

Satisfy Tech-savvy Passengers: Modular supports upgrades over time, allowing airlines to stay current with consumer electronics trends and solutions.

Enhance the cabin experience:. Programmable LEDs produce over 16M available colours for customized visual notifications like attendant call buttons, animations and lighting sequences synchronized with any or all flight segments.

Backed by a full suite of tools for airlines: A comprehensive suite of digital apps and software, backed by Panasonic Avionics’ global connectivity service, let’s airlines curate a personalized experience for their customers through all phases of flight, which drives higher NPS and loyalty for their brand.

Since its debut six months ago, close to 10 airlines have committed to installing Astrova across nearly 600 aircraft.

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