Astrova by Panasonic Avionics


Astrova, by Panasonic Avionics, demonstrates the company’s new approach to the market and its mindset in developing products and services to help airlines drive higher net promoter scores (NPS), enhance passenger engagement, increase revenue, and deliver operational efficiencies through IFE and connectivity. It leverages the latest consumer innovations to deliver unique passenger experiences that help carriers achieve their business goals. Several major airlines have selected Astrova, an innovative solution that also has the ability to provide easy, modular upgrades to in-cabin technology without full or costly interior changes.

Astrova’s monitors are sleek, modern and light-weight. They feature programmable LED accent lighting that will enhance the passenger experience and enable airlines to optimize the cabin environment.

Astrova is a seat-end solution that offers 4K OLED screens, up to 100 W of fast charging for passenger devices, programmable LED accent lighting that enhances the passenger experience with an airline-optimised cabin environment.

Passengers immerse in cinema-grade 4K OLED screens, high-fidelity audio, and seamless connectivity for a multi-screen experience, along with up to 100W USB-C power for fast-charging multiple devices. with a modular design for timely upgrades.

Astrova is a seamless blend of innovative hardware, software, and enterprise solutions optimising the seatback to airlines’ commercial objectives. It is the only system to use 4K OLED, offering the highest definition and quality in the market.

Astrova allows airlines to easily personalise passenger content to engage them on a deeper level by providing access to passengers’ personal subscription services and content such as Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and HBO Max.

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