Pip Organic Rainbow Fruity Ice Lollies


Pip Organic Rainbow Fruity Ice Lollies are made with five real organic fruit and vegetable segments. Crammed with only organic fruitand a little bit of cheeky organic veg, our piptastic Rainbow Ice Lolly adds both a little bit of nutrition and colour to your day – the no-nasties way!

Our Rainbow Ice Lollies are simply 95% organic fruit and 5% cheeky organic veg, containing absolutely NO added sugar, sweeteners, colourings, flavourings, concentrates or anything else artificial whatsoever!

These are a super refreshing onboard mid-flight snack to bring joy to customers who need to be hydrated with a healthy treat. Perfect at only 19 calories, they are a guilt-free way to snack on board.

Every harvest we work closely with our expert organic farmers to select the tastiest and most nutritious fruit and vegetable varieties we can find at just the right time, so that all our lollies are blended to perfection. Our fruit and vegetables are picked on organic farms, then pressed, squeezed, crushed and blended because we like to keep things simple so you can enjoy the juicy taste of organic fruit the way it should be.

Our purpose is to put nature first from Pip to pack. Everything we make at Pip Organic, is certified by the Soil Association and according to the Soil Association, ‘organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms, than non-organic farms.’

Pip Organic Rainbow Fruity Lollies with cheeky veg is currently onboard Virgin Atlantic.

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