Copa Airlines Latin-inspired dinnerware (Procurall)


Copa Airlines and its renowned ‘Hub of the Americas®’ in Panama, proudly introduced its latest inflight innovation: a dinnerware collection that encapsulates the spirit of Latin America for its business class passengers. This initiative is a vivid reflection of Copa Airlines’ deep-rooted connection to Latin heritage and its commitment to bringing this vibrant culture to life in the skies.

The design of the dinnerware draws direct inspiration from the rich tapestry of Latin American culture, mirroring the straightforward elegance and warm hospitality synonymous with the region. Each piece, a blend of simplicity and sophistication, is crafted to enhance the inflight dining experience with the comfort and convenience valued by modern travellers.

Copa’s vision of using ‘Hub of the Americas®’ as the heart that connects the continent is about more than just connecting destinations; it’s about weaving the essence of Latin culture. This dinnerware is a physical embodiment of that vision, bringing a touch of Latin America to every passenger journey, enriching them with a sense of place and tradition.

This new collection marks a significant milestone for Copa, who partnered with Procurall Solutions, knowing their expertise in sustainable and customer-centric product development would play a pivotal role in ensuring their new inflight dinnerware would put the spotlight on celebrating Latin American culture, a commitment embedded in Copa’s ethos. It’s not just a dining experience; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the warmth and spirit of Latin America.

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