JetBlue’s Buy on Board Eco-Comfort Duvet + Earbuds (Procurall)


JetBlue, a leader in enhancing passenger comfort and the travel experience, has set a new standard with the revamp of their buy-on-board programme, introducing a range of eco-friendly amenities. Leading this innovative lineup is a stylish, sustainable puffer-style duvet along with eco-earbuds, presented in a mini reusable pouch and crafted from regenerative materials. These enhancements showcase JetBlue’s commitment to combining luxury with ‘green’ initiatives.

Made from high-quality recycled materials, these products offer warmth and comfort inviting passengers to enjoy a journey of cozy peacefulness while contributing to a lower environmental footprint.

The successful launch of this sustainable B.O.B, is one of many industry firsts resulting from the collaboration between JetBlue and Procurall, shining a spotlight on the positive impact strategic and purposeful partnerships can have in creating planet-friendly products. JetBlue’s holistic approach to minimising their overall impact is seamlessly integrated into the passenger experience, once again setting a new benchmark for eco-luxury travel.


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