JetBlue's ThinkSound Premium Eco-Lux Headphones for Mint (Procurall)


Oops, they did it again!

JetBlue is behind yet another revolutionary advancement in inflight entertainment: they have collaborated with Think Sound to bring the first-ever sustainable, premium noise-cancelling headphones, made from 100% GRS RPET, to their Mint travellers. This collaboration was made possible by Procurall Solutions, a trusted partner, who has been helping to create the vivid illustration of JetBlue’s forward-thinking, which is now seamlessly blending superior audio technology with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Forging a path toward a greener future, this venture between JetBlue and Think Sound transcends traditional boundaries, offering passengers an unmatched auditory experience while affirming a shared dedication to sustainability. The choice of GRS RPET represents a deliberate decision to pivot from conventional materials, emphasising the potential for innovation in eco-friendly product design.

This narrative of progress is enhanced by the dynamic synergy between JetBlue and Think Sound. Together, they craft a story of technological advancement intertwined with continued environmental responsibility, setting a new standard for the aviation industry.

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