Qatar Airways Crew bed linen


The crew rest bed linens come in individual packs for each crew, containing a silky-feel sateen pillowcase and flat sheet and, to make it even more cosy, a soft-to-the-touch grey peach-skin micro plush blanket.

The focus is on quality to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The products have been specifically developed to provide comfort, softness and a soothing effect during crew rest times on board.

Delivering exceptional on board experiences is not limited to customers alone – Qatar Airways extends this to the wellness of its cabin crew to ensure that, when they take their rest on board, they are as comfortable as possible and wake up refreshed and well-rested.

The range of bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets used, provides cabin crew with the comfort of a bedroom away from home with the comfort they deserve, ultimately making sure that they are feeling fresh at the forefront.

We are not entirely sure of what other airlines offer their crew on board. But with so much development in textiles, it is prudent to offer the best fabrics to enhance the comfort of our crew during their rest on board. It is only fitting that we care for our crew who in turn take such good care of our customers. Our Crew linens are made from high quality textiles that make one feel like they’re resting on a cloud, enjoying ample comfort and style with our breathable bed sheets, pillowcases, and plush blanket.

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