Qatar Airways ASMR Podcasts


When it comes to innovation, our team at Qatar Airways looks at all aspects of our customer’s journey. Focusing on wellness onboard, we looked at a different approach for passenger comfort and relaxation. Podcasts have gained over 40 million listeners in the last one year alone, and we took the opportunity to introduce ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in our audio section, bringing together wellness in one of the most popular trends across the globe.

ASMR enhances mood by triggering a tingling sensation using gentle stimulus, sounds in this case. Our IFE system has an entire collection dedicated to this unique form of relaxation. From soothing sounds of rain to the little quirks of a Parisian café, we offer you a library to help ease you in your journey.

By integrating wellness into our inflight entertainment options, we not only prioritise the physical comfort of our passengers but also address wellbeing, setting a new benchmark for onboard services.

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Qatar Airways – Doha