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Qatar Airways is committed to delivering excellence at every feat. Adding to our customer’s experience, we present a digital ecosystem, with our 6500 Plus Entertainment options that will keep our customers busy as they scroll through 1,100 spectacular movies, including 3,500 TV programmes, numerous games, audio, TV Box sets, and much more. Our customers can enjoy OryxONE Entertainment while they fly around the world for over 100 times.

Our customers will find the latest movies in different languages and niches – including Arabic, with the latest TV shows also taking over the entertainment section. Moreover, entertainment titles get aligned according to the occasion as well and passengers will often find themselves scrolling through festive movies in December and romantic ones in February.

The TV options range from National Geographic to the Food Network and everything in between, spoiling our customers with unlimited choices. Moreover, our customers can also have access to the Holy Quran on our IFE system.

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