Austrian Melangerie to go


Austrian Melangerie to go (AM2go) answers the current airline industry challenge of combating food wastage and creates a unique win-win situation for both, passengers and airline. Treat yourself while helping to reduce food waste! Thanks to the initiative of AM2go, the passengers of all Austrian Airline flights, inbound Vienna, are able to support sustainability onboard. AM2go offers fresh and tasty products out of the Austrian Melangerie by tackling food waste in an ecofriendly service concept on board of Austrian Airlines. Therefore, the Austrian Melangerie products are offered at a reduced price to each passenger just before the descending process starts on the return flight to Vienna International Airport with the aim to minimize food waste. This process allows to promote sustainability and include the passengers directly into the airlines’ sustainability journey. AM2go is also available for crew members so they can take some of their Melangerie home after a long business day.

Company Details

Retail in Motion GmbH