HILL SPRIZZ White from Retail inMotion (Austrian Airlines)


HILL SPRIZZ White – A white wine spritz in a league of its own


Meet the HILL SPRIZZ White from Leo Hillinger – a refreshment that stands out, seamlessly blending top-tier quality with delightful enjoyment. This sparkling white wine goes beyond expectations, making every occasion special. Here’s what distinguishes the HILL SPRIZZ White:


  1. Excellent wine quality: Crafted from grapes carefully cultivated in Leo Hillinger’s vineyards, the HILL SPRIZZ White guarantees an unmatched wine quality with every sip.


  1. Freshness and lightness: With delicate, refreshing effervescence, it’s the perfect choice for moments when you long for lightness. Its fine perlage and well-balanced acidity make it ideal for warm days and social occasions, revealing fruity notes of papaya, mango, lime, and a hint of elderberry.


  1. Versatility: Whether as an aperitif, paired with light dishes, or simply enjoyed on its own, the HILL SPRIZZ White effortlessly fits into various occasions. Its versatility makes it an appreciated wine for casual enjoyers and connoisseurs alike.


  1. Tradition and innovation: Leo Hillinger’s winemaking philosophy blends tradition with innovation, evident in the refreshing character of the HILL SPRIZZ White.


  1. Outstanding design: Presented in an aesthetically pleasing bottle worthy of its premium quality. An elegant presentation for a wine that impresses with both flavour and style.


At Retail inMotion, we’re defined by our unwavering passion and commitment to delivering the best possible travel experience through strong, dynamic partnerships. As the foremost expert in onboard retail and inflight technology, we provide a comprehensive 360° solution that caters to the diverse needs of both our clients and airlines’ passengers. Our commitment goes beyond collaboration. It’s with a lot of pride that we foster close relationships with our customers and esteemed partners. Remarkable products like the HILL SPRIZZ White are testament to our spirit of working with the best to deliver an impeccable travel experience. The white wine spritzer holds a distinctive place in Austria’s heritage, making it a must-have for this onboard retail assortment.

Leo Hillinger, founder and namesake behind the brand, is a passionate winemaker with a clear vision. His love of viticulture and pursuit of quality have made his winery one of the most renowned in Austria. Leo Hillinger brings not only his extensive knowledge, but also a deep connection to the wine country of Austria to every glass of HILL SPRIZZ White.

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