Sprungli Chocolate Plane - SWISS International Air Lines


Introducing the Sprüngli Chocolate Airplane, a culinary masterpiece available exclusively for travellers onboard. The result of a collaborative effort between SWISS International Air Lines and the esteemed Swiss chocolatier Sprüngli, this product goes beyond being a mere embodiment of Switzerland’s most iconic product – chocolate; it takes the form of a charming airplane, seamlessly blending Swiss tradition with aviation elegance.

Whether savoured onboard for a moment of self-indulgence or taken home as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, the Sprüngli Chocolate Airplane promises a unique, exceptional experience of Swiss heritage.

Crafted with the finest Swiss chocolate, each piece ensures a premium taste experience. Our commitment to quality extends even in the face of soaring temperatures, making this product a standout addition to SWISS’s inflight offerings.

At Retail inMotion, we’re defined by our unwavering passion and commitment to delivering the best possible travel experience through strong, dynamic partnerships. As the foremost expert in onboard retail and inflight technology, we provide a comprehensive 360° solution that caters to the diverse needs of both our clients and airlines’ passengers.

Our commitment goes beyond collaboration. It’s with a lot of pride that we foster close relationships with our customers and esteemed partners. It’s through these meaningful connections that, in partnership with SWISS and Sprüngli, we’ve crafted a sweet treat that encapsulates the premium quality of Swiss chocolates and our love for the airline industry.

With Retail inMotion, the journey isn’t just a means of transportation; it’s an elevated experience where passengers can indulge in the sweet moments of travel.


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