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Elevate your travel experience with Lufthansa’s new reusable coffee cups, the perfect companions for a sustainable and enjoyable journey!

We’re revolutionizing the inflight beverage experience by introducing our new line of recyclable plastic cups, a conscientious replacement for disposable counterparts and their plastic lids. Passengers can now enjoy the full-bodied flavour of a latte macchiato, explore an array of tea variants, or indulge in comforting hot chocolate – all served in eco-friendly cups that redefine the art of sipping on the go.

By using these reusable cups, passengers aren’t just drinking in style, they’re actively contributing to the Lufthansa Group’s mission to eliminate single-use plastic and aluminum onboard by 2025. Joining forces with Retail inMotion, this initiative aligns with our shared strategy for a sustainable future, with every sip becoming a tangible step towards a greener, more responsible aviation industry.

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