Vpos Online Credit Card Authorization


Retail inMotion’s onboard retail payment solution, Vpos, has a new market-disrupting module introducing credit card online authorization when regular internet connectivity is available, firmly establishing our proprietary payment gateway services as a global leader in efficiency and security.

Once onboard connectivity is available through LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Signal or alternative satellite services, new and expanded possibilities for payment, verification, and risk reduction emerge for both airline and merchant. Bounce payments during flights have become history thanks to online authorization.

Crew members are promptly alerted during the payment process if a credit card authorization fails, empowering them to request an alternative card or immediately decline a potentially fraudulent transaction. This doesn’t only mitigate fraudulent activities, but also means airlines will be able to offer higher-value items to customers without the risk of unauthorized payments.

Designed for a seamless and secure payment experience, our innovative solution leverages existing onboard internet connectivity used for entertainment, streaming, and messaging. This eliminates the need for additional connectivity or onboard wifi services, maximizing the benefits of internet connection for airlines. With its user-friendly interface, reliability, and cost-effective approach to reducing fraud, our solution automatically transitions to offline mode when connectivity is limited, ensuring uninterrupted sales onboard.

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