Swiss To-Go surprise bag


Surprise yourself while helping to reduce food waste! The Swiss Saveurs To-Go concept allows passengers on the last flight of an aircraft to purchase a surprise bag filled with daily made artisanal Spr√ľngli products at a discount of up to 60%.

The surprise bag contains up to three fresh products that were not sold during the flight and are perfectly good to eat and would otherwise go to waste. By offering leftover products from the onboard sales range at a discounted rate, Swiss can reduce the level of perishable wastage and provide their passengers with fresh delicacies at a small price. This process is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps to promote sustainable practices among passengers and create awareness for the multiple ways to make high wastage a problem of the past.

Moreover, with the surprise aspect, passengers are encouraged to discover a new Spr√ľngli signature product on the go, hence bringing home a tasty experience from their flight.

By implementing this process, Retail inMotion and Swiss airlines are taking a proactive approach to reducing food waste jointly, showing co-creative and solution-oriented thinking when confronted with a typical issue of the airline industry. This practice demonstrates the commitment of Retail inMotion and Swiss Airlines to sustainability and responsible stewardship of resources.

Through this programme, Swiss has successfully eliminated waste for 21,000 products or 3.5 tons of food waste within the last 10 months. This reduction in food waste has not only positively impacted the environment but has also helped the airline save on costs.

On top of this the crew members responsible for managing the sale of the surprise bags have reported feeling more motivated and engaged in their work since the programme has been implemented, because they can see the positive impact on the environment and the benefit for the passengers.

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