Colour-Changing Deux Frères Dry Gin


The Swiss Deux Frères dry gin surpasses anything similar on the market with its natural colour, exceptionally high-quality ingredients, and the company’s dedication to design, quality, as well as innovation.

Made from a selected blend of botanicals, including juniper, the Deux Frères dry gin’s true magic lies in both its mesmerizing natural colour that changes to a soft pink when tonic water is added and its unique taste. The result is a stunning visual experience that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

The company’s vision is to bring together design, quality, and innovative procedures to create a product that pushes the boundaries of what gin is expected to be.

What sets this gin apart is the manual bottling and labelling procedure, making every item one of a kind. Apart from its availability onboard Swiss, this handcrafted premium gin normally calls Michelin and 5-star restaurants its home.

Company Details

Retail inMotion GmbH