Uniquely engraved wooden board with Swiss regional traditions


The premium quality cold cuts platter comes in a sustainable PaperWise box solution with regional sliced meat specialties, a fresh Sprüngli walnut bread, cornichons and onions, served on the Sprüngli x Swiss branded wooden platter.

The engraved wooden board, available in seven different editions, doubles as an unique and original Swiss souvenir to remember the premium onboard experience, while showcasing the diversity of the Alpine country, engraved in a silhouette style.

The 100% FSC-certified local beech wood from Swiss forests in the canton of Zurich is fire-printed, making each of these collection wooden boards unique and extremely durable. The passengers can prepare the cold cuts platter menu according to their taste on top of the fire-printed board.

Despite its signature wooden platter, the cold cuts do not have to be chilled resulting in a shelf-life of impressive 55 days for our tray with traditional meat delicacies!

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Retail inMotion GmbH