Medley of RBC Styled 'Batik' Cakes (Kek Batik RBC)


We present a medley of three cakes served as a single dish developed uniquely by RBC. Based on traditional Bruneian ‘kek’ making techniques combined with British colonial influences that have remained hugely popular in Brunei and become accepted as original cultural flavours for a truly “East Meets West” product. RBC has taken this and added a little extra flair…

  • RBC Batik Cake (Kek Batik RBC)
  • Fruit Batik Cake (Kek Batik Fruit Cake)
  • Caramel Batik Cake  (Kek Batik Caramel

The Batik Kek is a preparation made with a selection of ingredients from two cultures. Our unique version features a western inclusion of Marie biscuits to create a pattern. The Kek Batik is believed to be an adaptation of “Tiffin Cake” brought in by the British and then adapted using local tropical ingredients. The RBC created version features multiple layers of differing flavours to add further interest. We produce it in two layers, with the top a green colour made of malt powder (Horlicks – another cross cultural addition from the 1920s!) and chocolate crushed Marie Biscuits and the bottom later is more chocolatey with crushed plain Marie Biscuits.

The caramel version has only one layer and features the ‘Batik’ texture of the crushed biscuits within.

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Royal Brunei Culinary