Traditional Brunei 'Kedayan' Braised Beef


Brunei, a sultanate nestled on Borneo’s northern coastline, is host to some of the regions most interesting but lesser known cultures and a unique and special cuisine. Royal Brunei Culinary has taken two very special examples and adapted them into unique dishes suitable for onboard consumption. This affords visitors an opportunity to experience these unique Bruneian flavours as well as giving locals a taste of “home”.

Kedayan Style Traditional Braised Beef in Turmeric Sauce with Steamed White Rice and Sambal Long Beans. (Daging Masak Kunyit Kedayan).

The Kedayan communities of Brunei are concentrated in the central and eastern areas of Brunei. This dish is commonly used in weddings and at Hari Raya (Moslem new year) and reflects the typical Kedayan use of ginger, fresh turmeric, fresh tamarind, coconut milk and a compound of a little chili with “Belacan” which is a paste made from dried estuary shrimp. The beef is braised resulting in a mildly spicy but creamy finish with a slight citrus back-note of tamarind with the fragrance of turmeric and ginger.

A note on our ‘sambal’ used on the long beans: The sambal is RBC’s unique recipe and is Brunei’s signature spicy sauce made up of chilli paste and onion paste. Brunei’s sambal is slightly sweeter than the Malaysian, Singaporean or Indonesian version with a little palm sugar added.

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