Safran Euphony

Safran partners with Devialet to provide passengers with a headset-free unrivaled quality individual sound experience.

Long haul flights imply passenger to wear headphone for periods varying from 5 to 15 plus hours to enjoy audio and video content.  Wearing headphones for this extended period of time can be uncomfortable and even, painful.

Euphony brings an individual, unrivaled and qualitative sound experience without using headphones!

Euphony is the first integrated audio system adapted to cabin interior environment that resulted from an international collaboration between several countries and a leading acoustical engineering company. After numerous prototypes, several patents and product certification cycles; Euphony was created, promoting innovative technology with an undeniable competitive advantage to those who own it.

  • The technology incorporates speakers inside the headrest providing directed audio to the passenger ears without being a nuisance to the rest of the cabin.
  • The speakers are positioned close to the passenger’s ears without reducing the movement, while guaranteeing optimal and homogeneous sound coverage for all user types.
  • The audio output volume adjusts automatically to the wing positions, as well as the fluctuation of the cabin noise environment and flight phases preventing any sound leaking to disturb other surrounding passenger.

Company Details