SATS' Authentic Ambient Asian Appetizers


Encompassing the diverse and rich flavors of Asia, our authentic Asian appetizers are a brand new addition to our ambient product range – specially curated to tantalize passenger’s taste buds and allow them to have a semblance of home on board. Highly versatile, our halal, wholesome appetizers that have no direct preservatives and can be served without additional re-heating as a starter or even a snack across all class of passengers.
At SATS, we believe in continuously perfecting the balance between our culinary expertise along with innovation and technology to deliver high quality meals to customers. Our appetizers are not only nutritious and tasty, but can last longer in an ambient environment, helping airlines to manage stocks easily and reduce costs and food wastage. Our products are also ISO22000, HACCP and Halal certified, ensuring the utmost quality of food for passengers.
In addition to our ambient Asian desserts last year, airlines, particularly low-cost carriers, can now serve high quality Asian appetizers onboard without the concern of wastage due to no-usage, as these appetizers can be re-cycled for up to 6 months.  The appetizers range from halal-friendly, vegan-friendly, diabetic-friendly, to gluten free, thereby widening the product range onboard.

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