Skinny Genie Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Power Ball Duo


Introducing Skinny Genie’s gluten free, vegan power balls

Indulge your passengers in a guilt-free, delightful inflight experience with our Gluten-Free and Vegan Power Ball Duo – the ultimate quick and light, sugar-free snack – 122 calories, designed for taste, health, and wellness onboard.

Available in a mixed box featuring two enticing flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate & Cranberry
  • Raspberry Coconut


Our packaging is eco-friendly, with each snack individually wrapped in 100% fully compostable wrap and recyclable box.

Each power ball  showcases vibrant colours and a delightful contrast in textures – a visually appealing treat that captivates the palate.

More than just a snack, our power balls are designed for practicality. Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience and can be stored for up to 12 months both ambient or frozen.

This product covers the following special dietary requirements:

  • GFML
  • VGML
  • LFML
  • PFML
  • SPML


Make a conscious choice for your passengers health and wellness.  Elevate their journey with our gluten-free, vegan power ball – a delicious, nutritious, sugar free snack.

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