Sky Soles SHARK Unisex Aviation Sneaker


Meet SHARK – One of the world’s first sneakers specifically designed for aviation. SHARK is inspired by classic sneaker aesthetics, with a splash of professional flair designed for crew on the go. Here at Sky Soles, we are very dedicated to designing and providing the highest certified OH&S appropriate footwear for crew all around the world, and we feel the move to sneaker-based footwear is a massive leap in the right direction for the health and safety of crew globally. SHARK was formulated with an uncompromising focus on comfort and innovation at the forefront. Packed with the highest quality materials, and the latest technologies including:

  • Sky Soles Tri-Grip nitrile rubber anti-slip outsole
  • SkyComfort Mach 3 – Sky Soles newest contour arch support, triple density footbed with gel pad. Our most innovative and technical footbed to date
  • Oil & Acid resistant outsole
  • Anti-static
  • Hardened toe puffs
  • Airport friendly
  • Moisture wicking, breathable & anti-microbial uppers

During our design and development phase of SHARK, we spent a great deal of time researching sustainable, eco-friendly material options, which led us to developing a strong relationship with Coronet – an industry leader in vegan leathers. This allows Sky Soles to provide high quality material options that significantly lower the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, including Coronet’s BioVeg line of vegan leathers, which feature the highest percentage of biomass available on the market (up to 81%). The BioVeg collection boasts LCA certification (Life Cycle Assessment) which assesses the environmental impacted directly related to each step in the production of the material. BioVeg is also PETA-Approved and is a USDA Certified Bio Based product.

We are super excited for the launch of SHARK into the industry, which will happen shortly with a cruelty-free and completely vegan version custom designed with Brussels Airlines in conjunction with the launch of their new uniform.

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