Icelandair Business Class Amenity Kit (skysupply)


Icelandair launches newly designed Business Class amenity kits in partnership with ocal artist Sara Riel

The national carrier Icelandair introduced their new Business Class amenity kits in fall 2023. skysupply, one of the leading company’s for inflight equipment worldwide, designed and developed two different concepts for Icelandair’s new onboard items featuring the work of Icelandic artist Sara Riel. The pattern of her mural and vegetation map “Flóran / The Flora” is an integral part of the amenity kits’ design and contents. The bags are made of high quality Kraft paper supporting skysupply’s vision to create sustainable, meaningful and long-lasting products with a second use and holistic experiences during and after the journey.

When skysupply created the new amenity kit, two key factors were incorporated: the airline’s brand message and the destination’s DNA. This was achieved by making a local design reference and mirroring Iceland’s connection to nature by producing a sustainable product. The amenity kit is available in two different shapes.

By partnering up with Sara Riel, a well-known Icelandic artist and designer based in Reykjavík, a true local connection was made. The design inspiration for the new amenity kits is based on Sara Riel’s “Flóran / The Flora” (2019), which shows a collection of native Icelandic plants and herbs as well as common garden plants and a couple of tropical species – they all grow in Iceland, either outside or inside. It is a large scale mural in Reykjavík that spans over three walls with a height of eight metres. The mural itself was developed in 2019 in partnership with Reykjavík City and the multi-cultural elementary school Austurbæjarskóli. The students were asked: “If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why?” She then collected the students’ diverse answers in the form of a drawing and explanation, drew each selected species herself and made three maps which serve as a floral key to the final artwork. These maps, minimised to three different coloured postcards with illustrations of Iceland’s vegetation, are included in the amenity kit as a gift from Sara Riel herself.

For the amenity kit, two varieties of “Flóran / The Flora” were used for the design of the bag, whose base material is grey Kraft paper. The art is also decorating the banderole, the sleeping mask, and the packaging of the earplugs, the  toothbrush and toothpaste. The colours were adapted to Icelandair’s brand colour  which is mainly blue. In addition to these contents, the amenity kit includes an Icelandair leaflet, Verso cosmetics (face moisturiser and lip balm) and socks.

Due to Iceland’s strong connection to the environment, it was essential to transport the sustainability concept to the actual material of the amenity kits and its contents. For the bags, skysupply used Kraft paper which is 100% sustainable. The material is highly durable, fully sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The toothbrush is made of bamboo, which is eco-friendly and cultivated naturally which doesn’t harm the environment. The packaging of the toothbrush/past set and of the earplugs is made of paper. The socks are produced of recycled polyester and the sleeping mask is made of recycled TC. By creating a unique amenity kit, it is very likely to become a collector’s item which will be either repurposed and used at home or continued to be used as a cosmetic pouch for future travels. The Kraft paper bags and banderoles have a discreet imprint to advise of the reuse.

Icelandair is the flag carrier of Iceland, with its corporate head office on the property of Reykjavík Airport in the capital city Reykjavík. It is part of the Icelandair Group and operates to destinations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean from its main hub at Keflavík International Airport. The geographical position of Iceland is convenient for one-stop transatlantic flights, which is one pillar of the airline’s business strategy, along with traffic to, from, and within the country.

Skysupply has been a service partner to the global airline industry for more than 25 years, specialising in the concept, design, production and distribution of high-quality inflight products like amenity kits, slippers, pyjamas, blankets as well as children’s items. Based in Munich/Germany, we operate globally serving an increasing number of satisfied customers. Leading international airlines such as Lufthansa, SWISS International Airlines, Finnair, TAP Air Portugal, Condor and Austrian Airlines value their co-operations with skysupply for their source of attractively styled amenity kits.

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