Air India First and Business class hollow handle cutlery (Sola The Netherlands)


Introducing Air India’s exquisite new First and Business class cutlery, proudly produced by Sola The Netherlands. This collaboration represents a harmonious fusion of elegance and functionality, elevating the dining experience onboard like never before.

Air India’s cutlery combines lightweight, durable 18/10 materials with the subtle beauty of the Mandala patterns and India-inspired designs. Each piece embodies luxury and cultural richness, inviting passengers on a sensory journey.

This cutlery sets a new standard in aviation innovation as the world’s lightest hollow handle cutlery. It prioritises sustainability without compromising quality or style, we aim to minimise the carbon footprint while maximising passenger satisfaction.

These modern rounded handles are laser-welded to perfection and showcase the intricate Mandala patterns, adding visual appeal. Combined with a dome-shaped backside, these elements create a masterpiece that enhances the offer to the eye and the touch.

With Air India’s new First and Business class cutlery, every meal becomes a delightful experience, leaving passengers inspired.

Company Details

Sola Airline Cutlery BV