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Since May 2023, Air India has undergone a monumental transformation to establish itself as a global aviation industry leader while driving progress in its home country. As part of its commitment to global excellence, the flag carrier has revamped its entire inflight entertainment (IFE) product, achieving an unprecedented milestone in the airline’s history and marking a pivotal moment in its transformation roadmap.

The vastly improved and colossal library now features over 2,200 hours of entertainment content across various formats and genres, including over 1,000 hours of movies, 600 hours of TV, and 600 hours of audio. This new IFE product is being rolled out across Air India’s commercial fleet.

The collaboration with content service providers Stellar Entertainment and Skyscreen has played a crucial role in catapulting Air India’s IFE to unprecedented heights with a diverse library of premium content. The attached chart illustrates the trajectory achieved as of January 2024, resulting in a remarkable increase of over 230% compared to the airline’s previous offering.

Highlights of Air India’s IFE transformation include:

The Largest Onboard Indian Content Library:

  • Increased Indian content strategically aligned with the airline’s key demographics.
  • Passengers can choose from over 250 Indian movies spanning languages, decades, and genres.
  • Includes short films, 76 Indian regional movies in eight languages, engaging web series and other digital content.

An Extensive Hollywood & International Content Library Catering to All Tastes:

  • Air India’s extensive Hollywood collection offers nearly 200 titles, including new releases, timeless favourites, classics and award-winning titles.
  • Uniquely curated box sets of movie franchises, such as Harry Potter and Spider-Man, catered to kids and adults.
  • A global cinematic repertoire featuring critically acclaimed films and gems from around the world spanning 14 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Danish, Icelandic, and Dutch.

A Vast Television Catalogue:

  • An immense catalogue of 925 TV shows from India, the US, the UK, and beyond.
  • Access to content from streaming and OTT platforms such as Paramount+, HBO Max, Prime, and others.
  • Options include over 40 complete series, international dramas, and a collection of 18 stand-up comedy specials.

An Impressive Audio Collection:

  • Featuring the exclusively programmed Air India Radio.
  • The vast audio selection offers over 800 choices, including the latest and classic albums, curated playlists, and diverse audio podcasts such as Cup O’Tales, an Air India special edition podcast series exploring the riveting tales of Cricket World Cups over the decades.

A Dedicated ‘Kidz Zone’:

  • Featuring over 55 hours of curated audio and video content, with three sections designated for Pre-School, Kids, and Teens.

Intuitive UI for Seamless Exploration:

  • A new intuitive user interface allows passengers to navigate the vast content library effortlessly.
  • Content is thoughtfully categorised, ensuring a personalised and engaging entertainment experience.

Air India’s new passenger-centric IFE product was designed to ensure that every passenger finds something tailored to their preferences, making long-haul flights not just a journey but an entertainment odyssey. With one of the world’s most extensive entertainment catalogues, a rich tapestry of Indian content and culture, an intuitive interface, and a full HD experience on cabin-wide touchscreens, Air India has demonstrated its solid commitment to delivering a diverse and enriching world-class entertainment experience onboard.


Content Service Provider – Stellar Entertainment
Celebrating 50 years in the inflight entertainment (IFE) industry, Stellar Entertainment is the world’s longest-running IFE company, with a global team of experienced entertainment, media, and creative specialists, two state-of-the-art recording studios, innovative management and analytics tools, and an advanced cloud-based lab to support airlines’ entertainment needs. Stellar holds unparalleled access to global content through strong relationships with Hollywood studios, over 600 international production houses, and more than 100 music distributors, offering millions of songs from 1,000 record labels worldwide.

Indian Content Specialist – Skyscreen
Skyscreen is a leading distributor and content syndication partner with well-established relationships in the Indian market, dealing with top Indian studios/production houses, TV channels, digital channels, OTT platforms and independent producers and licensors. Their experience in IFE programming and licensing extends to over 50 Indian and International airlines, including Air India, Vistara, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific, among others.


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