Soeder Foerst Cosmetics


Sustainable natural cosmetics with highly active palm-free ingredients: These properties characterize the new Foerst line from the Swiss company Soeder.

Soeder developed the first Foerst luxury line in 2022 and found an ideal first customer in SWISS. Even before the official launch, SWISS First passengers will be able to enjoy the three new products, consisting of a hand cream, a face serum and a face cream. ​

SWISS First guests will find two 10-ml glass jars of Soeder’s “Comfort Hand Cream” and “Comfort Face Cream” in their amenity kits, containing selected raw materials such as Swiss Alpine natural active ingredients from Swiss stone pine, moss and upcycled blueberry seed oil. In addition, a “Repair Face Serum” is available in the Lavatories. ​

SWISS relies on the closed-loop principle for its new natural cosmetics and continuously refills the Soeder products in the Lavatories according to the refill principle instead of disposing of the bottles. Soon, the “Comfort Hand Cream”, the “Comfort Face Cream” and the “Repair Face Serum” will be available as a new, exclusive luxury line in Soeder stores. As a result of the expanded collaboration, Soeder is now present in all classes on long-haul flights of SWISS.​

Company Details

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.