Air India First Class / Business Class Premium Blanket (TDHIL India)


A premium wool blend blanket in Ivory/Lt. Gold/brand colours. The delicate border jacquard and motif is inspired by the traditional Sozni embroidery from Jammu and Kashmir, a Union Territory of India. It is designed taking inspiration from India’s rich heritage, keeping in mind Air India’s brand positioning as the flag-bearer of new India! The design beautifully captures the four key aspects of Air India’s brand personality: progressiveness, warmth, vibrance and boldness. The brand’s extremely loved and popular mascot, ‘Maharaja’ also proudly adorns the blanket. Sozni is one of the most exquisite forms of needlepoint embroidery. This needlework technique is used to adorn pashmina shawls to make them look encrusted, like a tapestry, by layering fine embroidery. For instance, to create embroidery panels of 0.5 inch to 1 inch on all four borders of a shawl takes up to two months for jaali work (mesh-patterned embroidery), while doing embroidery all over a shawl (also known as Sozni Jama) takes close to two years. The technique is uniquely practiced in Kashmir (the name ‘Cashmere’ comes from here), and it has no parallels in the world.

Air India approached our company TDHIL INDIA to design a premium First Class/Business Class blanket. The blanket had to be designed focusing on brand elements & inspired by the ethos of the brand keeping in mind the new brand positioning of Air India as flag bearer of modern India. Our design and production team had a huge task at hand considering the challenge of encapsulating the legacy of an iconic brand like Air India and India’s rich cultural history, choosing design elements to best depict it. Once the concept of Pashmina/Kani weave was zeroed upon, a bigger challenge of commercially translating the same into a viable product that offers customer delight without compromising on fineness /exclusivity of Kani weave was staring at us.

All this had to be done in a three weeks window instead of eight weeks that it would ideally be require. Both the teams worked tirelessly day in day out to meet the given challenges and the target of launch was achieved before the deadline. TDHIL India is a proud partner in this journey and thanks the product team of Air India for their constant support and guidance.

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