"Fab Four" Sustainable Miniature Alcohol Collection


As part of the Tourvest Retail strategy, it takes sustainability and the consequences of plastic and carbon footprint very seriously. Tourvest’s dedicated buying team are constantly collaborating closely with our existing suppliers to broaden our sustainable range of products and equally they are researching the market for newcomers offering something different, interesting, and most importantly from a sustainable environment which helps to reduce the impact on the planet.

One of Tourvest’s key strategic imperatives is to positively impact the long-term sustainability of society, particularly the communities in which Tourvest operates.

In partnership with Sustainaholics, the B2B travel retail sustainability specialist and a major UK carrier, Tourvest are delighted to bring a range of excitingly sustainable alcoholic brands to our customers.

A collection of sustainable spirit brands is now available for pre-order on select passenger routes and will also be available to purchase and consume onboard from the airline’s inflight menu from March 23 2023.

Presenting the “Fab Four”

Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is the world’s first Pure Milk Vodka and is distilled and bottled on a 250-strong grass grazing cattle farm in West Dorset, by an independent family company supporting local business. By investigating the possibility of whey, a generally wasted by-product of the cheesemaking process, to produce a unique, single ingredient, smooth vodka.

  • Plastic free packaging
  • Recyclable English glass bottles
  • Recyclable top & tamper


Hyke Gin

HYKE Gin is the world’s first sustainable grape gin, made in Sussex, UK, using what’s left over from bunches of grapes being trimmed to fit into standard-sized supermarket punnets. In a process that takes place entirely in the UK, the grapes are distilled to create a grape spirit, before being blended with grain spirit and further combined with expertly blended botanicals, including juniper, myrrh, rooibos and coriander, to craft an exceptionally unique drink.

  • Stronger Together’ membership to support local charities and food banks
  • ‘UK zero waste to landfill’ status
  • Operate a responsible, sustainable supply chain through Sedex membership
  • In first two years saved five million grapes from going to waste
  • All labelling made from sustainable sources
  • FSC cardboard outer packaging
  • Wood and recycled plastic tops and tampers


Oxford Rye Whisky

The Oxford Artisan Distillery cultivate, craft, create and curate the very finest spirits using sustainably grown populations of ancient heritage grain. English Rye Whisky distilled on site from original heritage grains from 300 acres of organic farms within 50 miles of Oxford. It is the first certified organic “grain-to-glass” distillery in the United Kingdom, covering all parts of the distillery process.

  • Pioneering new approaches to regenerative farming: pesticide and chemical free, encouraging biodiversity and local farmland regeneration & sustainable farming practices
  • Work with nature to nurture the soil and eco system that produces the whisky
  • First English Whisky in travel retail
  • All packaging biodegradable & recyclable
  • Bottles mostly recycled glass, plastic free stoppers with cellulose seal
  • Plastic free shipping


Two Drifters Rum

Two Drifters Distillery make rum from 100% molasses with a carbon negative footprint. Dark, White & Spiced Rum made In the UK.  Two Drifters Distillery is based near Exeter Airport and they have been making beautiful, carbon-negative, rum since April 2019. Rum made with care and passion.

  • British made rum, no blends or re-bottling , with all waste by-products re-used by a local farm
  • Cradle to grave approach accounts for and removes all CO2 emissions from raw materials, production & transportation
  • 1kg of CO2 created by each bottle is actively removed from the environment via carbon capture
  • Ultra-light recyclable UK glass bottle with natural cork top with a compostable seal
  • Label made from 95% waste material
  • B Corp committed to carbon negative production
  • Carbon capture partnerships with Carbfix & Climeworks removes (not offsets) all CO2 emissions and currently building own carbon capture machine on the distillery


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