The Hawk Seal is our revolutionary, UK manufactured, re-usable, two-piece padlock style, locking system. With a re-usable padlock body that can be used over 2,000 trips. And disposable security seals designed for airline catering carts, duty free/ boutique bars and atlas catering boxes.

The HawkSeal provides more than a 8 key security features to protect the integrity of the catering and duty free carts throughout the inflight operations.

Some of the key benefits to the HawkSeal include:

  • When traditional Pull-up seals are secured, they are always under tension at the tear-line point. This is due to the carts movements around the bonds, loading on to the catering vehicles and ‘bash’ against each other from the bond to the aircraft and back again.
  • The Tear lines on pull-up seals get caught between carts and break the seal open, resulting in the crew having to remove the entire catering bar removed from the route, causing flight delays and heavy fines to the airline.
  • The Hawk Seal body is made of a slim design, to fit ‘flush’ against the cart to lower the risks of damaging the seal. Its high break strength of 59.8kgf means it can withstand natural forces pushing against it.
  • Unique 2 Colour Mould – The body infill of the Lock is available in all colours to suit your requirements. The rear of the Hawk Seal offers space for embossing your airline colour & branding.
  • Easy-to-use: Generally cabin crew would use a pen to prize open a traditional pull-up seal to open cart. The Hawk Seal’s ergonomically friendly design allows cabin crew to open the seal with just one finger.
  • Highly Tamper Evident to reduce theft and shrinkages on high-value bars. Once the Hawk Seal is broken it cannot be resealed or re-used.

Integrates with TydenGreen Scheme 

The disposable Hawkseal is made of a single stream plastic which means we can recycle it. Our TydenGreen scheme is a model framework we have developed with the UK government to prevent the amount plastic security seal waste from entering landfill sites. We have partnered with several airlines including EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic. With Dnata Catering UK and our recycling partner to collect the plastic security seal waste, process and grind down into plastic pellets. These are then turned into new items such as plastic garden furniture, school tables and school chairs, traffic cones and many more. The HawkSeal is significantly smaller than traditional plastic pull-up seals, therefore less materials are being used to make the seals.

Since piloting TydenGreen at one of EasyJet’s sites we have collected and recycled over 3 tonnes of plastic seal waste being sent to UK Landfill sites. This weight is the equivalent to a Ford F-250 pickup truck and we anticipate the tonnage of HawkSeal waste collected to be a lot heavier. We believe TydenGreen to be the true way of dealing with plastic materials and helping to run a sustainable inflight catering operation. Our way of doing that is by making sure that every airline has been introduced to the TydenGreen scheme. Wherever they are in the world, we’ve got a model or a framework to follow.

Company Details

Tydenbrooks Europe Ltd