Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Breakfast ServiceĀ 


  • Wellness and sleep are key areas of focus for our passengers. In order to best support our customers on their individual journeys, we created a new carefully considered service and menu, anchored in choice and personalisation
  • In October 2023, as part of our autumn / winter cycle change, we enhanced our Upper Class breakfast service and menu with an expanded and fully customisable selection of dishes and drinks; flexibility in service delivery timelines, and the promotion of wellness and maximising rest
  • The expanded range and customisable selection allows our customers full control of how much and what drinks they would like to enjoy as well as when they would like it to be served, via a self-select breakfast card
  • The extensive range includes a choice of three cereals/granola, yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit, warm sweet pastry and four breakfast entrees. This can be accompanied by a range of hot and cold drinks including our new energy-lifting juice shots
  • If sleep is a priority, customers can instead opt for our express option delivered 20 minutes prior to top of descent. Or alternatively not to eat at all and instead visit our Revivals Lounge available to all UK arrivals until 12.30pm daily

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