Virgin Atlantic 'Feel Good' Drinks


  • Wellness and choice are key areas of focus for our customers during their travel journey with expectations that lifestyle choices will be supported during their onboard travel more prevalent than ever
  • In October 2023, as part of our autumn / winter cycle, we launched a new and expanded range of ‘feed good’¬†functional drinks
  • Functional drinks, often referred to as beverages designed to provide specific health benefits beyond basic nutrition, have gained popularity in recent years. These drinks typically contain ingredients like vitamins, minerals, herbs or other bioactive compounds, aiming to enhance mental clarity, boost energy or support overall wellbeing. Whether it’s a vitamin-infused tea, a natural energy drink with added nutrients or a beverage promoting relaxation, we have created this range to meet our customers’ diverse needs and to provide choice and beneficial elements into the inflight routine.Our extensive selection of hot and cold drinks includes:
  • Real Royal Flush Sparkling Tea – naturally fermented first flush Darjeeling, with notes of white peach and a soft finish
  • Perfect Ted Pineapple Yuzu -sparkling natural citrus blend powered by matcha green tea for an immune-boosting lift
  • Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Lemon fresh and zingy – this light, effervescent kombucha is a perfect thirst quencher
  • Unrooted Mighty Ginger shots a source of natural energy, blended with chilli and turmeric for an added kick
  • Three Spirit Livener naturally invigorating, exotic and fiery, best enjoyed over ice with tonic
  • Three Spirit Nightcap naturally soothing, woody and mellow, best enjoyed neat over ice or topped with ginger ale
  • Teapigs Peppermint the mintiest mint of all time, and something of a cult classic in the tea world
  • Teapigs Lemon & Ginger all-natural infusion with an invigorating kick of ginger and fresh lemon
  • Teapigs Mao Feng Green light and clean in flavour, a green tea unlike any other
  • Teapigs Snooze soft, sweet and floral with flavours of apple, chamomile and lavender

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