Peanut-Free Spread (Voyage Foods)


Voyage Foods’ Peanut-Free Spread is a first-of-its-kind roasted seed spread that offers all of the flavor and none of the nuts. The spread packs the same rich, creamy flavour you know and love from regular peanut butter – without any of the top nine food allergens. It’s non-GMO Project Verified and made with a mix of seeds and legumes, which are all real, recognisable foods. It results in less waste by using upcycled ingredients and is made to be enjoyed without limitations.  

In 2024, Voyage Foods’ travel size Peanut-Free Spread will debut in OTG-managed stores in airports. The on-the-go peanut-free spread containers provide a delicious and allergen-free snack for airplane travel. Conveniently packaged in 1.15 oz retail available pouches or 1 oz cups for airlines, allowing any traveller, from children to adults, to enjoy this peanut butter alternative at a lower cost than retail peanut butter without the harm of allergens.

Adam Maxwell founded Voyage Foods three years ago out of a deep desire to harness the power of technology to secure and ensure the future of our favourite foods while creating more sustainable and ethically produced products that not only taste delicious but are also accessible at price points for anyone. Assembling a team of talented culinary scientists and a novel array of real, wholesome, bountiful source ingredients, Voyage Foods has managed to recreate the classics using a novel technological process all without the use of unsustainable source material, making products that are better for the consumer and the planet.

Voyage Foods is a food innovation company that uses sustainably sourced, upcycled ingredients combined with food science to take the foods we know and love – peanut butter, chocolate, coffee – and make them better for people and the planet. The result: more delicious, sustainable and accessible foods we can all enjoy. Working with an in-house team of culinary artists and food scientists, Voyage Foods is able to recreate the classics without exploiting their source ingredients, starting with a Peanut-Free Spread and a Hazelnut-Free Spread. 



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