Qantas Rebecca Vallance Business Class Kit (Watermark)


After a three-year pause, Qantas Airways is now flying again from Sydney to New York. To celebrate, the airline facilitated a partnership between Qantas and Australian fashion designer Rebecca Valance that resulted in a new amenity kit.

The kit, designed for Qantas Business Class travellers, pays homage to New York. “Each piece incorporates Vallance’s Avenue Astoria Collection print, which is a nod to the glamorous characters of New York’s Waldorf Astoria in the 1970s, where Elizabeth Taylor’s and Diana Ross’ comings and goings were well documented,” a recent release stated.

“Working with Qantas is a dream come true,” Vallance said in the release. “Flying the flag for Australian fashion on a global stage and partnering with the national carrier — what an absolute honour.”

The partnership was developed to raise awareness of the route and features a monogram of the Qantas “Roo” and Vallance’s logo. “The palette of blues and subtle Art Deco undertones reflect the heritage, glamour and sophistication of the Waldorf Astoria’s hotel architecture,” the release described.

The amenity kits are available on all flights from Australia and New Zealand to New York and vice versa for the months of June and July. The kits were also available to purchase at Qantas Marketplace through points redemption, and, the release reported, were so popular they sold out within hours.

“To see the massive popularity of the kits has been incredible,” Kenny Harmel, Managing Director at Watermark said in the release. “We understand that the small details can make a big difference to the passenger experience. We know this kit will further enhance the onboard experience and it has been a huge pleasure to work with Qantas and such Rebecca to bring the new kit to life.”

The collaborative effort between Watermark, Qantas, and Rebecca Vallance in designing the inflight kits was crucial for creating a collection that is both fashion-forward and environmentally conscious. Nesta Liu, Michael Carr, and Georgia Wilson, alongside the Qantas team, worked diligently to ensure the kits are not only unique and innovative but also minimise plastic usage, aligning with contemporary sustainability goals. Focusing on fashion-forward, iconic brand collaborations, the kits were crafted to offer enduring value, with items that go beyond a single use. This conscientious design approach enhances the travel experience, providing passengers with stylish and reusable items that make a sustainable and lasting impact, becoming cherished accessories throughout the journey and beyond.

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