Air Astana Kids Kit - Earth, Fire, Wind and Water (Watermark)


We collaborated with Air Astana to introduce a series of inflight kits promoting sustainability. Themed around Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, each kit offers an interactive learning experience for children, fostering environmental awareness during and beyond their travels. The kits blend entertainment and education, covering sustainability concepts such as renewable energy and the four Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair).

Designed for reusability, the kits are made from sustainable materials like rPET and include eco-friendly elements such as recyclable water bottles and compostable packaging. Watermark’s Managing Director, Kenny Harmel, emphasises the goal of making air travel both enjoyable and educational for children while providing purposeful kits that can be reused.

Aligned with Air Astana’s commitment to sustainable travel, the collaboration aims to offer young passengers a memorable and educational flying experience. The spokesperson from Air Astana expresses excitement about partnering with Watermark to provide innovative sustainability-inspired kits, emphasising the importance of engaging and educating young travellers about protecting the planet.

The collaborative effort between the design team, comprising Nesta Liu, Michael Carr, and Georgia Wilson, and the Air Astana team was pivotal in ensuring the creation of unique and innovative inflight kits. With a dedicated focus on minimising plastic usage, the teams strived to make the kits as plastic-free as possible, aligning with contemporary sustainability goals. Recognising the enduring value these kits could offer, particular attention was given to creating items that children would cherish and reuse for an extended period. This conscientious design approach not only enhances the educational experience for young travellers but also contributes to a more sustainable and lasting impact, as these kits are poised to become cherished companions throughout the journey and beyond.

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