Icelandair Business Class Bedding


WESSCO International, in a creative collaboration with Icelandair, has crafted an exclusive bedding collection that encapsulates the essence of nature. This set, comprising a plush duvet, a soft pillow, and a sleek headrest cover, draws its inspiration from the majestic mountains of Iceland. The design echoes the breathtaking beauty of Iceland’s diverse landscapes, ranging from the ancient, flat-topped mountains of the Westfjords to the striking, jagged peaks in East Iceland. Icelandic mountains, celebrated for their stunning beauty and timeless allure, are not just natural wonders but also an integral part of the nation’s cultural fabric. They have been immortalized in folk tales and poetry, often personified and depicted as engaging with the people of Iceland.

This bedding set is more than just a functional item; it’s a tribute to the natural splendour and rich cultural heritage of Iceland. In a significant step towards sustainability, plastic is no longer used to designate fresh Saga Premium duvets and blankets. An attached elastic band will show that the duvet is unused, eliminating a considerable amount of single-use plastic from entering landfills each year.

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WESSCO International