Icelandair Economy Bedding


WESSCO International has joined forces with Icelandair to create an exclusive Economy bedding collection that embodies the spirit of nature. This set, featuring a plush pillow and blanket, is inspired by the grandeur of Iceland’s mountains. The design mirrors the stunning variety of Iceland’s landscapes, from the Westfjords’ ancient, flat-topped mountains to the dramatic, jagged peaks in East Iceland. These mountains are not only natural marvels but also pillars of Icelandic culture, immortalized in folklore and poetry, often portrayed as characters interacting with locals. This bedding collection is more than a practical accessory; it’s a homage to Iceland’s breathtaking beauty and rich heritage.

In line with their commitment to eco-friendliness, this new collection predominantly uses sustainable materials. The Economy blanket and pillow are crafted from recycled PET, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the use of virgin plastic, and the amount of plastic in landfills. This initiative reflects Icelandair’s dedication to minimizing their environmental impact.

Company Details

WESSCO International