Air Astana Baby/Kids Amenity Kit


WESSCO collaborated with Air Astana to craft a thoughtfully designed baby amenity kit, inspired by the robust Edilbay sheep native to Kazakhstan. Renowned for their resilience, these sheep have evolved to thrive in the harsh climates of Kazakhstan’s semi-deserts and deserts, enduring extreme winter chills and scorching summer droughts. Their remarkable endurance and striking beauty make them a fitting emblem for this kit. The outbound kit is charmingly presented in an eco-friendly rPET canvas bag and includes an array of items: soft cotton socks, a disposable changing mat, gentle wipes, a soothing teething ring, and engaging puzzles. The inbound kit further delights with a snug blanket and comforter, both adorned with the Edilbay sheep motif. This kit was curated to alleviate travel stress for parents while ensuring a delightful experience for children. Each item is crafted from high-quality materials, promising durability that extends well beyond the journey. Not only functional, but the kit and its contents are also incredibly adorable, transforming into cherished keepsakes after the flight.

Company Details

WESSCO International