All Nippon Airways Business Class Amenity Kit


WESSCO has partnered with All Nippon Airways (ANA) to bring a touch of LA-style luxury to its business class passengers. In collaboration with iconic LA-based lifestyle brand, Fred Segal, WESSCO and ANA have created a range of high-end amenity kits that embody the brand’s effortlessly cool and sophisticated aesthetic.

The kits, available exclusively to ANA’s Business class passengers, feature a selection of premium personal care products as well as sustainably made tote bag. Each kit comes in a stylish and functional Fred Segal branded case, making it the perfect travel companion for the modern, style-conscious passenger.

The partnership between WESSCO, ANA, and Fred Segal is a celebration of high-end design, quality, and innovation. By bringing together the best of Japanese hospitality and LA-style luxury, the collaboration promises to deliver a truly unique and memorable travel experience for ANA’s Business class passengers.

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