Etihad Airways Business Class Loungewear and Slippers


Etihad Airways Business Class Loungewear

Taking Emirati couture inflight, the new Etihad Airways Business Class Loungewear, is an expression of comfort and style blending functionality with heritage.

Locally Inspired

Inspired by the traditional Emirati men’s Kandura (dress), the loungewear proudly features the iconic Emirati V line stitching across the chest that is unique to the UAE’s national dress.

Taking cue from the traditional Emirati ladies’ Abaya (cloak), the luxuriously soft loungewear fabric flows gracefully over the body, providing ultimate comfort.

The modern and elegant silhouette paired with traditional details, pays homage to the cultural heritage of the country, creating a connection between guests and the rich traditions of the UAE.

Complementing the loungewear are plush slippers that ensures complete comfort. The loungewear is available in three sizes, providing a fit for every guest.

In-flight to in-fashion

Beyond inflight comfort, the simple yet stylish loungewear extends its utility post-flight. The wrinkle-free material and elegant design allows guests to seamlessly transition from the aircraft to their destination in style.

The loungewear is designed to pair effortlessly with other garments, offering versatility for various post-flight scenarios.


In alignment with Etihad’s commitment to sustainability, the loungewear comes packaged in a reusable that could be used post flight for multiple purposes from packing, organising or reusing the same loungewear on future travels. This together with the slippers are smartly packed, eliminating the need for single us plastic packaging.

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